BIOL 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Action Potential, Meninges, Brainstem

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Published on 16 Jan 2018
Biology 102 Unit 5 Review
Endocrine System
1. ___Endocrine System_________________ The system of “ductless” glands and the
hormones the secrete.
2. ___Insulin_________________ This hormone will lower blood glucose levels.
3. ____PTH________________ This hormone will lower blood calcium levels.
4. ____HGH________________ This hormone controls normal growth and development.
5. ____________________ This hormone stimulates the release of other hormones from the
outer part of the adrenal gland.
6. _____FSH_______________ This hormone stimulates the ovarian follicle to enlarge and
7. ______LH______________ This hormone causes the follicle to rupture and ovulation to
8. _____ADH_________________ This hormone from the hypothalamus causes the kidney
to retain more water (produce less urine).
9. ___epinephrine___________________ This hormone stimulates the “fight-or-flight”
10. ________PTH______________ This hormone can raise the blood calcium level.
11. ______thyroxine________________ This hormone can increase the basal metabolic rate
12. _____Glucocorticoids_________________ This hormone has anti-inflammatory
13. _____Testosterone_________________ The major male sex hormone.
14. ______Estrogen________________ The major female sex hormone.
15. ___Melatonin___________________ This hormone regulates sleep cycles.
16. ______Melanocyte- stimulating hormone _______________ This hormone cause skin
cells to produce more melanin.
17. ____Thymosine__________________ This hormone stimulates the production of
18. ______TSH________________ This hormone stimulates the thyroid gland.
19. ______Glucagon________________ This hormone will raise the blood glucose level.
20. ________Oxytocin______________ This hormone causes smooth muscle contraction.
Which endocrine gland secretes the following hormones:
21. ____anterior pituitary___________________ FSH
22. _________ovaries______________ estrogen
23. ___thymus____________________ thymosin
24. ___pineal gland____________________ melatonin
25. ______anterior pituitary_________________ melanocyte stimulating hormone
26. ________testes_______________ testosterone
27. _________adrenal cortex______________ glucocorticoids
28. ______anterior pituitary_________________ luteinizing hormone
29. ______anterior pituitary_________________ growth hormone
30. _____hypothalamus__________________ anti-diuretic hormone (ADH)
31. _______pancreas________________ insulin
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