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Lecture 4

CRJU 351 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Negotiable Order Of Withdrawal Account, List Of Sega Arcade System Boards, Substance Abuse

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Criminology and Criminal Justice
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CRJU 351

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Girls in the Juvenile Justice System 12/01/2015
Now account for 1/3 of juvenile arrests*
Increases in girls being referred to court
Urgency of focus on the needs and development of intervention
programs for girls
Growing research
Research drawn from localized studies
oThere hasn’t been national research done
Girls delinquency is often less chronic and less serious
oLess chronic = girls usually only enter the system once
73% of the girls who came into court never came back,
while 53% of boys never came back
oLess serious = girls are less likely to be violent
Does not mean that girls have fewer needs than boys
Pattern of interconnected troubles
oIndicated the context and experiences that predict girls’
1. Considerable trauma
Both their own victimization (physical or sexual)
or witnessing other people’s victimization
Usually have high rates of sexual victimization
and domestic violence
35% = sexual abuse
40% = exposed to domestic violence in the
Death of one or both parents
11% = had experienced this
oHIV, suicide, gang assault, drug
Temporarily lost siblings, parents, or boyfriends to
92% in California = beating, vaginal rape, or
More than 1 in 4 had been made a ward of the
court because of caretaker neglect
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