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Lecture 1

ENVR 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Ecosystem Services, Industrial Revolution, Environmentalism

Environmental Studies
Course Code
ENVR 101
Daniel Taylor Brantley

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Chapter 1
Monday, January 9, 2017
12:58 PM
Rely on Natural resources
o Substances and energy sources we need for survival
o Renewable
Replenished over short periods
o Non-renewable
Unavailable after depletion
Rely on ecosystem services
o Ecosystem services
Arise from the normal functioning of natural services and allow us to
o Ecological systems
Purify air and water
Cycle nutrients
Regulate climate
Recycle waste
o Degradation of ecosystem services
Occurs when we exhaust resources
Intensified by human affluence and population growth
Population growth amplifies our impact
o 7 b people
o Two major phenomena triggered human population increases
Agricultural revolution
10k yr ago
Industrial revolution
Demand for fossil fuels
Nature of environmental science
o Environmental science involves input from multiple disciplines
o Natural sciences
Examine the natural world
Environmental science programs
o Social science
Examine human interactions and institutions
Environmental studies programs
Environmental science is not the same as environmentalism
o Environmental science
The study of the environment and our interactions with it
Scientists try to remain objective and free from bias
o Environmentalism
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