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Lecture 7

ENVR 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Environmental Policy, Market Failure, Land Management

Environmental Studies
Course Code
ENVR 101
Daniel Taylor Brantley

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Science, ethics, and economics help formulate policy
Science provides
information and analysis
Ethics and economics
clarify how society can
address problems
Government interacts
with citizens, organizations,
and the private sector
Capitalist markets are driven by short-term profit
Not long-term social or environmental stability
Little incentive to minimize impacts
Market failure justifies government intervention
Reasons for governments to intervene in market
Provide social services
National defense, health care, education
Proide safety ets
For elderly, the poor, victims of natural disasters
Eliminate unfair advantages held by single buyers/sellers
Manage publicly held resources
Minimize pollution and threats to health and quality of life
Environmental policy tries to:
Protet people’s health ad ell-being
Safeguard environmental quality and conserve natural resources
Promote equity or fairness in resource use
Tragedy of the commons
Publicly accessible resources become overused and degraded when unregulated
Forests, fisheries, clean air, clean water, global climate
Best prevented by restrictions of use and management
Free riders
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