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Lecture 12

EXSC 191 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: French Fries, Oatmeal

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Exercise Science
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EXSC 191

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Lauren Ridings February 4th 2016
EXSC 191 SMART goals
SMART Goal 1
SPECIFIC : My three-day average results showed that I was extremely deficient in
Vitamin D as well as Potassium. I consumed only 0.44 μg of the 15 μg (3%)
recommended daily amount for Vitamin D and only 1,407.11 mg of the 4,700 mg (30%)
recommended daily amount for Potassium. My goal is to increase my both my Vitamin D
and Potassium intake to at least 70% of the recommended daily amount specified on Diet
Analysis Plus for my personal diet in 6 weeks. If this is attained, I would like to obtain
100% of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin D and Potassium by the end of this
semester (about 3.5 months).
MEASURABLE : Diet Analysis Plus software allows me to keep logs of my entire food
intake and evaluate the amounts of vitamins and minerals I am consuming based on the
amount of foods I enter. I will keep track of all of the foods and beverages I intake and
then use Diet Analysis plus to assess my vitamin and mineral intake.
ACTION : I plan to make dietary changes in order to increase the amount of Vitamin D and
Potassium in my diet. I plan on eating more salmon and replacing a morning cup of
coffee or tea with a glass of milk each day. I also plan to consume egg yolks as opposed
to egg whites to help get more Vitamin D. I plan to eat more whole grains such as
oatmeal and brown rice as well as consuming more bananas and orange juice to boost the
amount of Potassium in my diet.
REALISTIC : This is a realistic goal because I do not have any food allergies and I enjoy
eating all of the foods that will help increase my daily intake of Vitamin D and
Potassium. I can easily boost my intake of these vitamins and minerals while shopping
for snacks and also on campus because I can easily access all of the foods and beverages
that will help me attain my goal. I can also use Diet Analysis Plus weekly to help track
the progress I will make. I will be able to reach 70% of the recommended intake in 6
TIME : I plan to make small changes and substitutions in my dietary choices each week
and after 6 weeks I will have hopefully reached at least 70% of the daily recommended
amount for Vitamin D and Potassium. After that, I plan on reaching a long term goal of
attaining 100% of the daily recommended amount by the end of this semester (about 3.5
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