PSYC 301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: John Bowlby, Mental Model, Social Psychology

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Published on 8 Jan 2020
“The Harry Question” – can men and women be friends or does sex always get in the
John Bowlby
o Looking at what happens to children with their relationship with their parents;
specifically, a child and their mother
o He looked at the monkey experiment with the milk mom and cloth mom in regard
to attachment
o Two types of attachment:
Secure: if parents are loving then a secure base is formed where the child
can go out into the world but know they always have a home to go to.
Non-secure: two styles of nonsecure attachment:
Anxious ambivalent: attached at mother’s hip
Avoidant: avoiding mother
o Mental model hypothesis: how you form relationships with parents is how you
will form relationships with people in the future. If you don’t respond to the needs
of an infant, it sets up for nonsecure attachment.
o Mary DS Ainsworth worked with Bowlby on attachment. She was previously his
Distancer-pursuer: the more someone pursues you, the more you distance yourself
Hazam and Shover took Bowlby’s ideas and put it in terms of a romantic relationship
Zick Rubin looked at intimacy
o Intimacy: having trust in your partner and being able to be vulnerable; close,
familiar and usually affectionate or loving relationship with another person.
o Social psychologist that said nature of love is made up of:
Attachment the need to be with a certain person
Caring valuing other person’s needs as much as your own
Intimacy sharing private thoughts, feelings and desires with another
Sydney Jourard
o Wrote “The Transparent Self”
o Defined intimacy as the act of opening up/disclosure
John Lee
o Theory for what are the components of love: used a color wheel
Red (eros) erotic/passionate. Thrive on tantalizing nature of love; have
an idea of ideal love. Eros lovers are monogamous and sex occurs early on
in the relationship.
Violet (mania) manic. Mix between red and blue. Passionate and
playful love; highly volatile, obsession; fueled by low self-esteem,
jealousy, envy, control.
Blue (ludus) sport/game. About conquest; playful, flirtatious and careful.
Don’t care much about having a partner, they like to have fun; often don’t
share intimacy with lover.
Green (pragma) practical. Mix between blue and yellow. Love
driven by head and not the heart; less emotional.
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Yellow (storge) friendship. Affectionate love that slowly develops out of
the friendship. Passion and sex are less important than friendship and
(agape) divine/spiritual. Mix between yellow and red. Selfless,
true love. Enduring, unconditional, patience.
Robert Weiss
o Provisions of social relationships
o Divides provisions into two groups
Attachment (provision) is usually what you find in a romantic
relationship or friendship
Nurturance when an adult takes on the assistance for a child
Guidance when you seek the council of a trusted friend or
authoritative figure
Affiliation if you don’t get these needs met, you will feel lonely
Social integration meeting their friends. Presents a sense of
Reassurance of worth focuses on competence
Reliable alliance helps you know you can depend on this person.
This is about trust
Robert Sternberg
o Triangle of love theory
Intimacy liking
(intimate liking; deep
friendship & bond)
Commitment empty
love; 2 people are
committed to stay
Passion infatuation;
everything they do is
Romantic love romance
driven by passion
Companionate love
personal relationship that
you build with someone;
Fatuous love
commitment motivated
by passion but not stable
Consummate love
almost impossible
to achieve. Still
have to nurture the
three factors
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o Triangle love of hate
Helen Fischer’s personality types
o Explorer
Low dopamine; fueled by dopamine
Looking for excitement
o Builder
Literal, fact oriented, rule followers, traditional
Driven by serotonin
o Negotiators
People person with strong verbal skills, imaginative, see big picture,
compassionate and nurturing personality
Fueled by estrogen
o Directors
Direct, decisive, analytical, good with computers
Driven by testosterone matches people based on these
o Don’t match similar personalities
People who get dumped their VTA is triggered
How someone handles a break-up is based on what area of the brain is triggered
36 questions for falling in love test: 3 sets of 12
o Small talk
o Facts
o “You and I” or “we” statements
Love is an emotion and it is a momentary state
o People typically think of love as forever
Negation of Intimacy
characterized by repulsion and
disgust; seeks distance
Passion shows up as
anger and fear in response
to a threat; anger =
approach, fear = distance
“hot hate”
Boiling hate (revulsion)
Simmering hate
Seething hate
Burning hate need for
annihilation; this is a need
for annihilation this is
the most dangerous of all
of them
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