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San Francisco State University
ASTR 115
Mc Carthy, Christopher

922 Lightgathering power LIght gathering power determines how faint a star a telescope can see. It depends on the area (A) of the primary lens or mirror: Area= Pi r squared Resolving Power: Seeing Details Revolving Power (or resolution) is a telescopes ability to see small details It is proportional to a telescope size (Diameter D Magnification makes things look larger, However it does not improve resolution The Best Location for a Telescope Far away from civilization to avoid light pollution On a mountaintop In Space Infrared Space Telescopes Spitzer can see infrared light that is blocked by Earths atmosphere Typical view of Andromeda in Infrared Xray Astronomy Xrays are high energy light with very short wavelength They are emitted by very hot gas in the universe To observe Xrays, NASA launched the Chandra Xray Observatory in 1999 Review of Chapter 3 Wavelength is color Visible light occupies only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum Visible light ranges from 400 nm (violet) to 700 nm for (red) Infrared radiation and radio waves have longer wavelengths than visible Ultraviolet, Xrays, and gamma rays have shorter wavelengths Telescopes: gather light, reveal details, and magnify images Reflectors produce images using mirrors while refractors use lenses The Power of Starlight Chapter 4 By analyzing the light from a star, we learn about its 1.Temperature 2. Composition 3. Motion Color and Temperature Starts have different colors
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