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HIST 450 Lecture Notes - White Southerners, Total War

2 pages59 viewsFall 2013

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HIST 450
Anthony Russel Swanson

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California and World War 2 1941-1945
Economics: Total war equals total mobilization of home front to serve us military fighting against
germany italy japan.
Pre 1941:
1. Rearmament and Draft stimulates economy
Conversion from normal to wartime production brought california and us economy full economics
recovery from great depression 1943
Areas stimulated
Military Bases
Power Plants
Transportation Facilities
All these industries prospered
Thriving economy of california equals labor shortages 1942 to 1945 new laborers needed
black and white southerners
Federal spending fiscal for fiscal years 1940-1946 equals 360 billion to 35 billion spent on california
Expansion of military installations
investments in public and private facilities
purchase of supplies
payments in grants and subsidies
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