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Anthony Russel Swanson

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October 11 2013 History of California Notes California Statehood and the railroad C 1849-1870 – Gold rush equals huge pop increase 250 thousand immigrants plus migrants – Ca eligible for statehood, transition from us military government – Statehood – - State Conversion, Monterey 1849 – 48 Delegates, complete work in six weeks – average age 35 years old – Capital eventually Sacramento 1854 – Enters US as Northern Free State 1850 – Compromise of 1850 Frontier Justice and Violence – Struggle between vigilantes vs elected city officials: too many people , not enough poice – San Fran becomes the sixth largest port city in the usa – Federal mint, customs houses – Houns of San Fran 1849 Chileans were attacked – Some whites donated money to help Chileans after – San Fran Vigilante Committee 1851-9/1851 – 90 Arrests 5 hangings 1 whipping 28 deportations – Ear cropping head shavings – 15 transferred to police 41 released – San Francisco Vigilante committee – James Casey and Charles Cora Hanged – California in state of insurrection – Chief justice seized Los Angeles -population of 5 thousand mayor involved in 1854 lynching and hanging Mining camps -sometimes orderly sometimes violent – Juanita – Chinese cannot testify for or against in court – 1850 foreign miners tax 20 bucks a month – 1852 foreign miners tax Until 1920s California was number 2 us region for lynchings 1 per year NativeAmericans 1. Clear Lake Massacre 1850 100 natives killed
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