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HIST 450
Anthony Russel Swanson

Nick Seibel History Of California October 18,2013 Notes California and the Gilded Age Economic Maturing of California Gilding: Gold decoration, gold leafing, paint, etc... 1. industrial growth and technological development, cheap labor due to European immigration 2. huge wealth (for upper class) and rampant corruption! In California, ultimate symbol of this- the southern pacific railroad(the octopus) The Big Four 1. Elnd stanford President 2. Collis Huntington (Vice President) 3. Charles Crocker Construction supervisor 4. Mark Hopkins Treasurer The terrible 1870's 1. Railroad finishes ahead of schedule in 1869, massive layoffs of Chinese 2. goods from east coast flooded California 3. Recession in California 4. US recession 1873 -blame the heathen Chinese, The Chinese Must GO! Speeches by Denis Kearny – Blame the railroad – Blame the 949 State Constitution The Railroad US Government gave 1. Loans 2. Land Grants Railroad bought mail delivery steamboat companies, stagecoach roads, advertisements, small
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