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Women and Gender Studies
WGS 535
Sherry Keith

The three main acts of resistance (Desert Blood) Staudt and Mendez 1. Luz Maria Davila from Villas de Salvarcar confronts President Calderon at Cibeles (p 55 61) a. Who are the main characters? i. Luz Maria Davila was the mother of two of the young boys who were killed in the shooting. She speaks at the meeting that President Felipe Calderon is present at. She unveils the truth behind what is going on during these shootings. She exposes the President by making the private transcript public. She brings to light that the people who are dying are innocent civilians and nothing is being done. ii. The fifteen students that were gunned down in the Villas massacre. These students who were killed were attending a birthday party. iii. President Felipe Calderon commented on the shooting by calling the victims gang members when in actuality they were young students. The President wrongfully painted them. iv.
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