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Lecture 2

HIST 2312 Lecture Notes - Spring 2018 Lecture 2 - Comfort women

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HIST 2312
Brooke Franks

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Korea under Japanese Colonialism Video Reflection
The Japanese annexation of Korea occurred between 1910 to 1945. Korea was
autonomous, led by the Korea Royal House which was extinguished by the Japanese. The
dynasty was eradicated thereby resulting in the Japanese imposing their will on the people of
Korea. The essay focuses on Korea under Japanese colonialism and the milestones of the
invasion by Japan in Korea.
A harsh and ruthless rule characterized Japan colonialism in Korea. An example of this
harsh rule was sexual violence against women which was commonly known as ‘comfort
woman(Henry).’ The Japanese believed that soldiers should naturally have access to women for
sexual satisfaction. The forceful rule was as well experienced in the education system, police
violence and in the health system.
Japan established military dominance in Korea through military rule. The Japanese
banned Korean publications and limited the freedom of the press. The national language was also
changed to Japanese(Henry). The approach was characterized by police brutality in the form of
home invasions and forceful inoculations of the Koreans which was countrywide. The military
rule led to the emergence of The First March Movement which resisted the colonial government
of Japan in Korea. The movement had about a million plus Koreans opposing the Japanese rule.
They conducted demonstrations throughout the country in the proclamation of independence.
In response to The First March Movement, the Japanese replaced military rule with the
cultural rule. It comprised of two goals, which were to make the police and administration more
efficient and consequently change the perspective of the colonial administration in the eyes of
the Koreans(Henry). The approach used the divide and conquer strategy, which they used in
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