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Lecture 1

HIST 2312 Lecture Notes - Spring 2018 Lecture 1 - Qing dynasty, Video lesson

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HIST 2312
Brooke Franks

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China’s 1911 Revolution
Before watching the lecture video, I had personal views regarding the different
revolutions that occurred in China. Firstly, I thought all revolutions aimed at arising against
western influence in China. Secondly, I held the belief that China staged the 1911 uprising to
punish people who did not honor communism. The experience from the video lecture has
assisted me to erase the bias I had regarding Chinese revolutions and to understand that the
1911 revolution preserved the rights of the majority in China.
The video has shifted my beliefs regarding the 1911 Chinese revolution. I have
understood that the revolution helped the ordinary citizenry to take charge of their nation.
Notably, the video has helped me gain the information that the Chinese overthrew the autocratic
Qing dynasty (Rhoads). The dynasty’s toppling led to the formation of the people’s republic of
China. The regime viewed ordinary citizens as ignorant people who could not drive the society
to succeed. The video lecture has helped me gain an understanding of the unfairness that existed
between the Manchu and Han communities.
The Manchu were the minority who helped put the majority Han under the Qing
dynasty. Therefore, the overthrow saw the majority take over the nation. I have understood the
importance of the coming together of the Han and Manchu through marriages (Rhoads). My
misconceptions have shifted since I have realized that China was fighting injustice in its society.
The video has helped me to gather that the Han ethnic group managed to bring down oppression
that had lasted 2000 years.
The 1911 Chinese revolution changed the nation dramatically. The coup saw China
adopt a national outlook. The Han eventually overthrew the minority Manchu. The people’s
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