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HIST 110 Lecture 1: History 110 Note6

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HIST 110

find more resources at 1930’s  Herbert Hoover o Multimillionaire o Republican  Believed America was heading for great things o Predicts US will abolish poverty  Eats his words  Unemployment rate 40% o Very despised o Very bitter  Stock Markets contributed to Depression o Bogus investments o High Tariffs  Gap contributed to Global Depression o October 1929  Black Tuesday  Plummeted by 15-25%  US Spirals into Great Depression 1931  Great Depression o Left fear across US  Americans lost 10 million plus dollars  Banks shut down  All savings were lost  Voluntarism  Self-Help  Hoover Flags o Indicate they were broke o Showed the president didn’t care  Soup Lines o Princeton University  Collected food scraps at the end of the day  Leave food scraps in trash for people to sort through  Protest o Washington D.C.  Bonus Army  Camped out in empty federal buildings  Blankets, Food  Hoover-Rag-Tag Model o Get them out of the federal building o But do it with restraint find more resources at find more resources at  15,000 veterans and their families o Maintained the army life o Primitive conditions o Hoover  “REMOVE THEM WITH SOME RESTRAINT” o Dwight Eisenhower  Don’t get involved  This is like a street brawl o McGarver  They are Bolsheviks  Follows them, does not obey Hoovers orders o Both set fire to the encampment  Little boy hit with knife and bayonet through his arm o FDR campaigns  This will get me elected  Severe American outcry  Congress votes to give them money to take a train back home  FDR runs for president o 1922 contracted Polio  Paralyzed from the waist down  Americans will never Elect a cripple and you are a cripple. -Momma Roosevelt  Eleanor Roosevelt- no, it’s not over yet. o Designs his own wheelchair and pants  Practices for years to pretend he is walking  Son holds him up  Wants to show America that he is physically fit to be President  Dragged his legs  Governor of New York 1929-1930  Presidential Candidate 1931  First Handicapped President Election of 1932  Roosevelt o New Deal o Very Vague o March 1933 takes office o “Happy Days Are Here Again” played at Democratic convention o Economic security  New Deal o National Recovery Association find more resources at find more resources at onecl
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