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Lecture 7

HIST 110 Lecture 7: History 110 Note1

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HIST 110

find more resources at History110Notes  Economic Crisis- changed the way America works  Increase in population- mass employment (1890-1900) o Birth Rate o Less Disease o Influx of New Immigrants  Old Immigrants were English/Germans o Well educated o Able to buy land  New Immigrants o Southern/Eastern Europe  Italian, Jewish, Polish Russian  Poor  Uneducated  Germans jailed and school’s shutdown in WWI  Native population did not want new immigrants in rural areas. o Live in overcrowded houses o Unsanitary o Viewed as threats o People of color o Gross Domestic Product  Rise of the Corporation o License to start a business o Able to sell stock o Limited liability of its investors o Major innovation  Beginnings of Trust and Monopolies o Standard oil company o Proctor and Gamble o Network created- makes new industries o Downtown Department Stores (Macy’s)  Consumer Culture o Americans look for brand names (Colgate) o US changes to national economy o Railroads key to change  Environmental waste  Hard to use  Created time-zones o 1918 RR imposed zones ratified by Congress  Standardized Times  Laid infrastructure for America find more resources at find more resources at  Essential to formation of modern economy  Steel Industry o 1880 world industry of steel  Andrew Carnegi  Rags to riches  Solid corporation in 1901  Built public libraries in major cities  Oil Industry o John D. Rockeffeler  Standard Oil trust  Controls 90% of oil company  Very ruthless  Justified by rose analogy  Built own railroad for business  Horizontal and Vertical business o Rise in Large Corporation, fall in small business o Before rise of corporate America, you personally knew your companies’ CEO  Social Darwinism o Natural working out of ways of human beings’ (Survival of the Fittest)  The gospel of wealth  No government intervention  Gospel of success given by many Religious Leaders  Russel Conwell o Speech- acres of Diamonds  Made $8 million just by giving speech o Temple University  “Poor is punishment by God”  “Money is Power”  “Christian duty is to gain riches” o Gospel of success revival 1920’s  If you are willing to work hard, you can make it. o Very few Rags to Riches stores (less than 5%)  Protestant  Successful father  College degree (250,000 people)  Elite Private Schools  85% of the 5% went to college o Reformed Darwinism  Immigrants Essential  Provided workforce  Settled in tenements find more resources at find more resources at o Little light o Overcrowded o Poor sanitation o Threw waste outside o Poor air quality o No plumbing or indoor water  Statue of Liberty  Castle Garden (Pre-1890)  Ellis Island (Post-1890)  Given to US by Italy o “New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus  Quoted across Europe o *US Nicknamed Golden Door” o First thing seen was iron railings  Thought they were heading to jail o Could not say you had a job waiting for you  Process 5,000 immigrants a day o Tests-  Carry luggage upstairs, if not, they could not enter  Look at facial expressions  X chalked on back means mentally ill  Glove button hook  Turn eyelid inside out to look for disease  No food=2/3 day stay and reconsideration  Asked a series of questions  Given Ellis Island name  Names changed for various reasons o Misunderstanding o Too long/too hard to spell  Many immigrants were illiterate  Eugenics Movement o Scientists  Size of brain determined by ethnicity  English number one, Polish dumbest  Fear of degration/mongerilization o Presidents  Express alarm in number of new immigrants  Origins  Race/ethnicity  Color determined response o Direct discrimination  Work place, housing, schools find more resources at find more resources at  Ethnic enclaves  Very territorial/conflict o Immigrants given vocational schools or went straight to work in factories  Henry Ford School  “I must be at work on time” o Anti-Catholicism  Strong anti-Catholic views  Fear of being ruled by pope  Vul
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