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Lecture 7

HIST 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Smallpox, Literacy Test, Panic Of 1893

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HIST 110

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History 110 Notes
Economic Crisis- changed the way America works
Increase in population- mass employment (1890-1900)
o Birth Rate
o Less Disease
o Influx of New Immigrants
Old Immigrants were English/Germans
o Well educated
o Able to buy land
New Immigrants
o Southern/Eastern Europe
Italian, Jewish, Polish Russian
Germans jailed and school’s shutdown in WWI
Native population did not want new immigrants in rural areas.
o Live in overcrowded houses
o Unsanitary
o Viewed as threats
o People of color
o Gross Domestic Product
Rise of the Corporation
o License to start a business
o Able to sell stock
o Limited liability of its investors
o Major innovation
Beginnings of Trust and Monopolies
o Standard oil company
o Proctor and Gamble
o Network created- makes new industries
o Downtown Department Stores (Macy’s)
Consumer Culture
o Americans look for brand names (Colgate)
o US changes to national economy
o Railroads key to change
Environmental waste
Hard to use
Created time-zones
o 1918 RR imposed zones ratified by Congress
Standardized Times
Laid infrastructure for America
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Essential to formation of modern economy
Steel Industry
o 1880 world industry of steel
Andrew Carnegi
Rags to riches
Solid corporation in 1901
Built public libraries in major cities
Oil Industry
o John D. Rockeffeler
Standard Oil trust
Controls 90% of oil company
Very ruthless
Justified by rose analogy
Built own railroad for business
Horizontal and Vertical business
o Rise in Large Corporation, fall in small business
o Before rise of corporate America, you personally knew your companies’ CEO
Social Darwinism
o Natural working out of ways of human beings’ (Survival of the Fittest)
The gospel of wealth
No government intervention
Gospel of success given by many Religious Leaders
Russel Conwell
o Speech- acres of Diamonds
Made $8 million just by giving speech
o Temple University
“Poor is punishment by God”
“Money is Power”
“Christian duty is to gain riches”
o Gospel of success revival 1920’s
If you are willing to work hard, you can make it.
o Very few Rags to Riches stores (less than 5%)
Successful father
College degree (250,000 people)
Elite Private Schools
85% of the 5% went to college
o Reformed Darwinism
Immigrants Essential
Provided workforce
Settled in tenements
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