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Lecture 9

HIST 110 Lecture 9: History 110 Note9

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HIST 110

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Eisenhower • Checkers Speech • Nixon-Cocker Spaniel sent from Texas • 1953- Armistice • Little Rock-does not send troops in to protect children trying to desegregate a school • Promised no more Koreas • Dynamic Conservatism • 5 years of prosperity o Had only 2 recessions o Not supportive of civil rights • Brown Vs. the Board of Education-1954 o Students having access to better schools • Montgomery Boycott o Rosa Parks refused to give up bus seat • Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas o Faster pace for desegregation o 9 H.S. students tried to integrate school o Encountered an angry white mob o Governor sent in the national guard to keep the students out of the school o Eisenhower Nationalizes the State Guard to give the students protection o Only 8 of the 9 survived the 1 year; none went back after that year • Democrats win both houses • McCarran Committee o Made to investigate communist people o HUAC o Black List created ▪ Can’t write/direct movies ▪ Fired from Universities • 1950’s o Stay at H
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