AFAM 002B Lecture 1: Lecture 1 Notes - The "New Society"

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AFAM 2B Dr. Millner
Lecture 1 Notes
The “New Society”
1865 Transformative year of America’s evolution
1865 The French colonized Vietnam
o French imposed will on Vietnam the same way British did to the 13 Colonies
America was getting out of its “civil” war
o Civil war an oxymoron no war is civil
o Civil war came to an end in 1865
o April 18, 1865 tremendous hope and optimism
Abraham Lincoln becomes first ever American president to be
assassinated; shot by John Wilkes Booth
Bullet back in Lincoln’s head right behind left ear
Civil War produced more manufactured guns in this country than any other country in
human history
o First time there was rifled barrels, guns could be accurate up to 400-500 yds
away; movement towards the technology of death
o 1 in 4 families had death from war or disease
1881 2nd US President James Garfield to be assassinated
1901 3rd US President William McKinley to be assassinated
1961 1st US President to be Catholic
1970 4th US President JFK to be assassinated
All 4 US Presidents were assassinated by gun
Buffalo Bill from Kansas made their name from procession of killing Bufallo
The law is often the friend of those of the bottom
Vital to enact the 13th Amendment to U.S. Constitution that officially ended slavery
As soon as war was over, Southerners acknowledged that their property was ignored
over slavery
o On first day of his death, they wanted to reverse everything Lincoln did
o Many people, including ex-slaves, knowing importance of gun
1865 - Yankees began to leave the South
o Hatred of Southern families would linger
Late 1860’s – Ku Klux Klan begins to emerge in places like Texas
o Became tradition to lynch Latinos in 1870’s
1870 While illegal lynching was going on in the South and Chinese were being
targeted for exclusion in West, Americans on East Coast were opening its doors for
people all over Europe, slammed door shut for Chinese
1882 Theme of immigration
o Chinese Exclusion Act group of people singled out, first in California, then
1905 Japanese would be excluded
1913 State of California prevented (Asian-)Indians from coming
o Placed Native Americans on reservations in some of most poverty-stricken areas
in the country
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