Anatomy Lecture Notes Aug 29

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 065
Dr.Joanne Kerr

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Blood Cells 1. Blood Cells a. A connective Tissue 2. Red Blood Cells a. Found in red bone marrow b. Do not have nucleus c. Circulate for 120 days 3. Sickle Cell Anemia a. With Hemoglobins -> collapse of RBCs b. Disorder of RBC c. Iron Defficacy – lack of iron d. Cause: different type of hemoglobin (S) and cause them to have sickle cells e. Genetic Disorder 4. Platelets a. Small cytoplasm that cling to RBC b. Forms blood clots which allows vessels to heal and fix c. Can occur in blood vessels d. Can occur in artery and veins (NOT OK) 5. Leukocytes a. White blood cells classification: i. Neutrophils 1. Most abundant 2. First line of defense against bacteria ii. Basophils 1. Blue loving cells 2. Has purple and blue granduales 3. Function a. Product hemophin (dissolves blood clots and platelets) b. Produce histamine (cause running nose and allgeries iii. Eosinophils 1. Red loving cells 2. React to parasites 3. Becomes numerous when hay fever or pollen. iv. Agranulocytes 1. Cells without granules in the cytoplasm v. Monocytes 1. Very large, goes to tissue and pick up dead cells 2. Leaves circulating and goes to tissues and remove dead and dying cells vi. Lymophocytes 1. Slightly bigger than RBC 2. Large nucleus and little cytoplasm 3. Produce antibodies b. Leukemias i. Acute – get sick fast, very severe ii. Chronic – develop slowly, over years, don’t realize anything wrong 6. Blood Types a. Rh Factor – you have or don’t have the RH protein 7. Heart a. Composed of cardiac muscle tissue and striated muscles b. Pericardium i. Continues with diaphragm
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