Anatomy Lecture Notes Sept 5

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San Jose State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 065
Dr.Joanne Kerr

Blood Vessels 1. Arteries a. thick, smooth muscles, elastic (because of heart pumping blood) b. The tunica media is very thick, vasa varosrum gives 2nd wall oxygen c. Systemic arteries i. carry oxygenated blood ii. Vasa Vaosrum 1. "Vessels of vessels" 2. oxygen to arterial wall 2. Arteries -> Arterioles -> capillaries a. capillaries made of simple squamous epithelium b. no smooth muscle c. slightly larger than RBC 3. Veins a. systematic veins - carry deoxygenated blood b. Varicose veins = failed valves "stripping the vein" i. cogenital, pregnancy, occupational, obesity c. superficial veins we see through skin. we see them because the valves have failed i. cogenital - runs in family ii. occupational-because of their job, require to stand for long time (people with desk jobs) iii. Obesity - adipose and pressure on the veins iv. Pregnancy - child on pelvic, stops vein (temporary) 4. Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation a. Aorta -> Ascending -> Arch ->Descending
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