Anatomy Lecture Notes Sep 10

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 065
Dr.Joanne Kerr

Hepatic Portal, Fetal, Lymphatic Circulation 1. Hepatic Portal a. Portal = capillary veins, network of veins b. Hepatic Vein = ordinary veins (draining the liver) c. Supeior mesenteric vein = drain small and large intestine d. Inferior mesenteric vein = large intestine, colon, rectum e. Splenic vein f. Spleen = full of blood i. punctured spleen = fatal, must remove, impossible to surgerically fix it (liver will take over spleen's position after removal) g. Pancreas i. pancreas cancer = fatal ii. hemotogenous spread of cancer blood (carried by blood) 2. Fetal Circulation a. 5 Specialization b. One umbilical Vein i. goes past developing liver (Ductus Venosus in Liver) and becomes IVC c. Forman Ovale between Atria (Oval hole) i. Hole between right and left atrium 1. allows blood goes right to left atrium d. Dactus Arteriosis i. connects to pulmonary trunk to the aorta 1. allows blood and air skip lungs e. Two Umbilical arteries i. stick to umbilical vein and placenta 3. Patent (Open) Foramen Ovales a. hole (Forman Ovale) did not close (abnormal) b. Atrial Sptal Defect i. makes murmurs c. Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) i. H
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