Anatomy Lecture Notes on Aug 22

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San Jose State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 065
Dr.Joanne Kerr

LAB Anatomical Position, Planes of the Body, and Terms 1. Anatomical Position a. Standardized view of the body in which the figure is standing upright with upper limbs at the sides, palms facing forward, and the eyes looking straight ahead 2. Anatomical Planes a. Body is divided 3. Midsagittal Plane a. Located in the midline (center) of the body, divides body into right and left 4. Parasagittal Plane / Paramedian Plane a. Vertical plane that is parallel to Midsagittal Plane 5. Coronal/frontal Plane a. Perpendicular to Midsagittal Plane. Separates body into front and rear portions 6. Transverse/horizontal Plane a. Perpendicular to both midsagittal and coronal planes. Parallel to the floor. 7. Anatomical Terms a. Describes the position of structures within the body 8. Anterior/Ventral a. Structures located closer to the front of the body 9. Posterior/Dorsal a. Structures closer to the back of the body 10. Superior a. Structures located closer to the head 11. Inferior a. Structures closer to the feet 12. Medial a. Structures closer to the midline 13. Lateral a. Structures farther away from midline 14. Proximal a. Structure closer to the trunk 15. Distal a. Structure farther away to the trunk 16. Arm a. Portion from the shoulder to the elbow 17. Forearm a. Portion from the elbow to the wrist 18. Thigh a. Portion from the hip to the knee 19. Leg a. Portion from the knee to the ankle LECTURE 1. 4 elements: earth, air, water, fire 2. 4 conditions: hot, cold, wet, dry 3. 4 humors/body fluids: blood, flume, yellow bile, black bile. 1. Hippocrates a. “Father of medicine” b. The first to describe tuberculosis c. Divided “disease” into two parts: i. Chronic – longlasting ii. Acute – came quickly, lasts for a while, goes away d. Sporadic – few people infected within a village e. Epidemic – many people infected village to village f. Cancer – bad, evil, dangerous g. Tumor – not as bad, will not kill you h. Most remembered for oath. Gathered young men who wants to be physicians, serve, and pledged to never do harm to patients (abortions, speeds up a person’s life, serve only for community) 2. Aristotle a. Taught that the heart is the center of intelligence, worth, everything. b. Taught brain cools the blood. c. Developed “artery” – thought that veins only contains air. d. Tau
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