BIOL 065 Lecture Notes - Vomer, Nasal Cavity, Edentulism

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22 Oct 2013
Skull and the Newborn Skeleton
1. Axial Skeleton
a. Skull and Vertebral Column and Thorax (Sternum and Ribs)
2. Skull
a. 8 Cranial
b. 14 Facial Skeleton
c. 6 Auditory Ossicles
d. Hyoid
e. 29 Bones total
3. Cranial Skull = 8 bones
a. Frontal
i. One bone
ii. Newborns has 2 frontal bones
iii. Forehead
iv. Sinus
b. Ethmoid
i. One bone
ii. Sieve-like (lots of holes = sinuses)
iii. Superior and Middle Conchae of the Nose
c. Occipital
i. One bone
ii. Back of the head
iii. Base of skull and has opening for spinal cord
d. Parietal
i. Two bones
ii. Side wall for the brain vault
iii. Protects the brain
e. Temporal
i. Two bones
ii. On the side of the head
iii. “Temples”
iv. Houses 6 Auditory Bones
v. External Auditory (acoustic) Meatus
vi. Mastoid (nipple) with sinus (behind the hear)
1. Sinus infection = very painful and very hard to treat
vii. Zygomatic Arch
1. Cheek bone
f. Sphenoid
i. One bone
ii. Wedge-shape (like a butterfly)
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