POLS 1000 Lecture 4: Politics 1-25-18

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Politics 1-25-18
Political system
Input protest
Out put laws and policies
Or an executive order
What is politics?
Be able to define concepts
The scope and subject matter of political science
Major components of political science- pages 17- 20 of the text
Order- associated with the rule of law
Nation building- the process of forming a common identity based on the notion of belonging to a
community- they feel like they are a part of a given country
Stateless nation- comprised of people who
Without morality justice is at the mercy of raw power
Justice- the distribution of rewards and burdens
What are the major components of political science or subfields
Political science is one of the disciplines in the social sciences-
Sociology, economics, phycology- social sciences
Political science studies the political behavior of humans
one of the patterns is how we vote
Intersection of pol and economics
Google political system
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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