POLS 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Social Contract

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Politics 1-23-18
Process by which a community selects rulers and empowers them to make decisions, take action to
reach goals
Intangible power- values
Three parts of power - authority, legitimacy, legitimate authority
Authority- the command of the obedience of society's members by a government
Legitimacy- the exercise of political power in a community in a way that is voluntary accepted by the
members of that community- or feeling by people - leaders have the right to rule
Legitimate authority- legal and moral right of government to rule over
Order- often associated with the rule of law
Social contract- an implicit agreement among individuals to form a civil society and accept certain moral
and political obligations essential to its prevention- Thomas Hobbes: man lives in the state of nature, life
was brutish, man was animalistic- people surrender power to a single ruler
A form of government in which sovereignty resides in the people of the country
John Locke- liberal believed that there was a time when human beings lived in a state of nature where
man was not bad power of individual is limited
The sole repository of sovereignty
A distinct group of people who share a common background
Nation State
A geographically defined community administered by a government
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