ENGL 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Knitting, Ivory Trade

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4 Feb 2017

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Heart of Darkness (Notes)
Contrast between modern colonies and roman colonies
- Romans were simply conquerors - used brute force
- modern colonies are doing more than just conquering - benefiting population, civilizing them
- “we are not blind conquerors”, but they are - irony
- Christianized them the way Europeans did to the Natives - forceful, etc
- the taking of ivory from elephants
- sees an older, emaciated man
- just care more about profit rather than humanity
- divide and conquer
- Europeans believed that they were on a different peak of civilization than the natives
- what is humanity?
- believe that natives are barbaric - think they will enhance their lives and turn them into “people”
- natives didn’t meet the European standard of humanity
No rivets =
- disjointed
- no communication
Quotes/scenes and their meanings
P12 “I sent the women to work,...”
- Captain doesn’t understand how women can help him get a position but he actually gets one from
his aunt
“I should think the cause of progress got them [hands]”
- 2 black hands
- progress, efficiency
- ironic because this is what’s happening in the ivory trade, but on a smaller scale
P13 “to hide his bones...a narrow and deserted street with...”
- by the time Marlow finds the captain, long grass is growing between his ribs
- not efficient
Skeleton = symbol of what is to come; foreshadowing; death is everywhere;
Grass growing through = can’t stop the presence or force of nature
- we forget that life is underneath until it comes through
- ivory = bone; must kill the animal for the ivory
- take one part of the animal (tusks) and leave the rest (body) behind to rot
- so absorbed in it that they become it
- we are not a resource for nature until we die
- women knitting black wool
- symbolic of death; europeans are creating certain death
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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