SWK 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Microsoft Powerpoint

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General Practice II Chapter 6 (Class 10/9)
Policies are still in place and need to make sure that clients are still cared for.
Informal personal practice would be to make sure every area is covered but can also have group
7 Step Model: (Personal level)
Engagement: Sending your resume in.
Assessment: The interview.
Planning: Accept or decline the job.
Implementation: Putting the budget to work.
Evaluation: Formal evaluation.
Termination: If you are successful, skip this part. Not successful, might be on a
performance improvement plan.
Follow-up: Follow up in 6 months to re-evaluate.
Historical shift from Community Organization to Organizational Change
due to:
o Social climate
o Political climate
o Scarcity of resources
o Shift in Agency missions and activities
Organizational (Macro) Change = Innovation
o An innovation describes anything that is new to an organization
Types of Macro Changes:
o Undertaking specific projects
o Initiating and developing programs
o Changing agency policies
Informal agency policies
Informal hidden policies on practice procedures
Informal agency goals
Informal personnel practices
The Process of Organizational Change:
o Engagement
o Assessment
o Planning
o Implementation
o Evaluation
o Termination
o Follow-up
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