SWK 420 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Eddie Van Halen, Beck Depression Inventory, Concurrent Validity

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Methods SWK Research Chapter 6
Concurrent: two scales, same construct
Conversion: multiple scales, similar construct
Does the instrument measure what it’s supposed to measure?
o An instrument designed to measure anxiety should measure anxiety
Face Validity
How does Eddie Van Halen determine face validity?
o “On the face of it, my scale items appear to be measuring depression.”
Content Validity
How does Van Halen determine content validity?
o A group of several depression experts review Van Halen’s scale and tell him:
“Dude we think you need more items on depression because you haven’t
covered the full domain. In fact, we think that you have too much content
that measures anxiety and self-esteem rather than depression.”
Criterion Validity (Concurrent & Predictive)
Van Halen ignores the feedback on content validity. How can he test for criterion
o Concurrent Validity- Demonstrated by administering your scale simultaneously
along with another scale that is known to measure the same construct. You would
expect the two scales to correlate well.
o Predictive validity- demonstrated when scores on a test predict future behaviors or
Concurrent Validity:
Van Halen administers his depression scale along with Beck Depression inventory at the
same time. He finds:
Van Halen Depression r = .75 Beck Depression Inventory
A strong correlation of r= .75 demonstrates concurrent validity
Predictive Validity
Assuming that high depression rates would be correlated with low levels of social
activities. Van Halen administers a social activity questionnaire six months later.
He finds strong correlation between depression and low levels of social activities
o Thus, he has demonstrated predictive validity
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