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Lecture 1

PSY 115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Wilhelm Wundt, Overproduction, Natural Selection

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PSY 115
Leslie Valdes

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Definition of psychology - The scientific (scientific methods) study of behavior (what can
be directly observed) and mental processes(thoughts, feelings, and motives).
The goal of psychology is to predict, describe, and explain behaviors.
The science of Psychology
-critical thinking (arguments and evidence).
- curiosity (what’s below the surface)?
-skepticism (don’t accept beliefs from tradition).
-objectivity (observation and evidence. Available for everyone to see).
History of Psychology
Where does psychology come from?
-Nativism (plato) knowledge is inborn.
-Empiricism (Aristotle) comes to us from senses (external world)
First Lab
The first lab was created by Wilhelm Wundt in 1879. He was the birth of scientific
psychology. He realized that scientific methods could be used to study mental
processes. Which measured the “speed of thought.”
Founded school of psychology called structuralism. (Based on reductionism). Which is
to understand functions of the body.
Used method of introspection. (Looking within).
Historical scientists
William James
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