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Lecture 2

PSY 115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Natural Selection, B. F. Skinner, Sigmund Freud

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PSY 115
Leslie Valdes

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Biological Approach-
-Focuses on the body, brain, nervous system
-Study of structure, fashion, development, genetics, biochemistry of the neuro system.
The brain and nervous system are central to understanding behavior, thought, and
Behavior Approach-
-Observable behavior responses and their environmental determinants.
-Visible behaviors not “invisible thoughts”. Things that you can observe.
Notable behaviorists: Ivan Pavlov, John Watson, B.F. skinner. These men studied the
behavior approach.
Psychodynamic Approach-
-Emphasizes unconscious thought, conflict between biological drives (sex), society
demands, and early childhood experiences.
-Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)-studied the psychodynamic approach.
Humanistic Approach-
-Emphasizes a person’s positive qualities, the capacity for positive growth, and freedom
to choose any destiny.
-Always focuses on the good in people.
Cognitive Approach-
-Emphasizes mental processes involved in attention, perception, learning, memory,
planning, thinking, and problem solving.
Evolutionary Approach-
-Explains human behavior
1.Adaptation-Adapting to your environment
2. Reproduction-Reproducing amongst humans.
3. Natural selection- Survival of the fittest.
Sociocultural Approach-
-Examines the way in which cultural environments influence behavior.
-Differences between ethnic and cultural groups.
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