PSY 492 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Behavioral Medicine, Reductionism, 10Th Millennium Bc

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18 Oct 2016
History of Medicine
Prehistoric medicine- 10000 BCE
o Evil spirits, mysterious forces
o 4000 BCE- loose understanding of hygiene
Greek & Roman medicine- 500 BCE
o More focus on sanitation
o Rejected mysticism- disease is worthy of serious study
o Humoral Theory proposed by Hippocrates
Balance of bodily fluids- blood, yellow bile, black bile, phlegm
Non-western medicine- 1000-200 BCE
o Rise/development of traditional Chinese medicine, also incorporating similar
concepts of balance and harmony
Middle Ages (500-1450 CE)
o Religious domination; returning belief of supernatural causes
o Plague = God's punishment
o Humans/animals not appropriate for scientific scrutiny
Renaissance (1500 CE)
o Reemergence of scientific inquiry, anatomical study, and medical practice
o Dissection/accurate understanding of anatomy
o Rene Descartes (body as a machine, mind-body dualism)
o Anatomical/biological focus on disease
o Use of microscopes led to cellular theory; disease was an abnormality of cells
o Germ theory and the role of viruses and bacteria
o Dawn of a new era in medicine
o Birth of Biomedical Model (and its flaws)
Pathogen = cause of every illness/disease
Reductionism = if you were sick, it was because of only one thing
Still holding onto concept of mind-body dualism
There was nothing you could do by way of willpower or mental
power to "get better"
o Behavioral medicine
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