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David P.Kapsar

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Philosophy May 6, 2013 Notes Socialist: we only want to control economic freedom Problem, everything depends on economic freedom By controlling the factors of production, the socialism controls the individuals’ whole lives Ex. Staten Island is a socialist state but have rules for freedom of religion 300 Mormons want to build a church Staten Island is a catholic conscious state According to Mesus, looking at the issue of profit Greed itself is an inner state Aquineous, greed is a disproportion love of money Mesus, how do we know it is disproportionate He will not endorse another Virgin enterprise unless everyone is having fun doing it People are greedy and people want more than they have but we are hippocrits, an investor goes into a limo and we get mad, he’s making to much money We see a rock star go into a limo, and we say wow! He is awesome! Socialism is totalitarianism put into different words Different socialist groups always have different ads but the same result, the gov’t ends up owning everything According to Mesus there is no freedom in nature Written On Board: Profit + Loss Motive Land X Labor X Capital I Pencil: an essay on how pencils are created In nature we are not free, freedom has to do with at least two individuals Freedom: Smith says if you don’t do what I want you are going to get hurt Coercion: Smith says if you don’t… In a free socie
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