BIO 243 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Stratified Squamous Epithelium, Simple Columnar Epithelium, Simple Squamous Epithelium

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31 May 2019
as Gentleman tissues
Epithelial Tissue (epithelium )
forms boundaries ,found on skin and lining of hollow organs
General functions Emicroscopatomy3
Protection skin barrier protects deeper tissues from invasion and injury
selective barrier for molecular movement /modification lining of body cavities and organs
"Glandular Secretion produces mucus ,sweat ,enzymes ,hormones (excretion ,absorption ,filtration ,sensation )
-By appearance >cell layers :simple vs stratified
-By Organization cell shape :squamous ,cuboidal ,columnar ,
"intermediate "
simple epithelium -Ilayer ,every ,
cell is anchored to basement membrane
simple squamous epithelium -thin ,scaly cells
simple cuboidal epithelium -squarish or round cells
simple columnar epithelium -tall ,narrow cells
pseudo stratified epithelium -not all cells reach the surface
"exfoliation "when daughter cells of stratified squamous
epithelium push to the top ,die ,and flake off
stratified epithelium -more than Ilayer
stratified squamous epithelium -most common in human body
stratified cuboidal epithelium
stratified columnar epithelium -rare
transitional epithelium -thought to be transition stage between stratified squamous and columnar
Llimited to the urinary tract
textbook used for this course :
Saladin Anatomy and Physiology -Sth edition
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