BIO 243 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Leece, Blood Pressure, Aorta

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31 May 2019
(*important -it
maintenance of arelatively constant internal environment applies to everything
physiology -agroup of mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis
Body maintains a"dynamic equilibrium "
ymechanisms that alter the
change Cs )that trigger them
Homeostasis is maintained via homeostatic feedback loops
(processes information ,
relates it to other available information
Negative feedback -process by which the body and "makes adecision "
recognizes change and activates mechanisms to
reverse it .Homeostasis .ex :O2 gas exchange,-Remember
Blood pressure ,Abefore E
Body temperature
positive feedback -self -amplifying cycle in
which change leads to more change ex :childbirth (senses change Leece or organ
in the body
childbirth ex :stretch receptors that carries
-on aorta detect stretch out the final
to determine Blood Pressure corrective
Receptor :cells on cervix detect stretch action
Effector :muscles of uterus contract
control Center :Hypothalamus
Afferent pathway :Nerve impulses from cervix
to hypothalamus
TOO Little
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