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Lecture 6

ANT 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Mel Blanc, Walkie-Talkie, Thuraya

Anthropology, Cultural and Archaeology
Course Code
ANT 104

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- Memorial as Self Expression- Taking Control of Death? - interpretive archaeology
o Cemeteries have very unique tombstones
o Individualism of our culture may be reflected in our approach to death
- Descansos- 20th century Latin American and Norteno
o Markings of car accidents
o Diffusion of culture from one part of the world to the other
- Mel Blanc- voice of bugs bunny
o His grae: that’s all folks
- Reconnaissance: use the buddy system; simple for safety
o Should have a satellite phone
o Thuraya
o Iridium
o All are types of phones; very expensive but it can be a life-saving device
o Cell phone- but not great coverage
o Walkie talkie- cheap, small, portable, but need lots of batteries
o Do not be armed
- Survey: what is there
o Always bring lots of water; you can die from dehydration
o Also bring iodine- a means by which to filter water/purify water
o Stick to pick things up
o Compass
o Know the language and culture a little
o Someone is always watching you
- Excavation: recovering artifacts and other elements from sedimentary deposits
- Analysis
- Publication
- Fieldwork
o aouts for a ti fratio of arhaeologists’ tie spet doig arhaeolog
o Much easier to each archaeology in the field than in the classroom
o Difficult; expensive, dangerous, destructive
o You must have a research plan and funding before you can start
o There is o differee etee eaatig a site ad ot pulishig it ad
lootig it.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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