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Lecture 27

ANT 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Maya Civilization

Anthropology, Cultural and Archaeology
Course Code
ANT 104

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- Case “tudy i Creative “ybol Use: Maya
o Unfortified cities
Peaceful people
o Written inscriptions on monuments
o Used astronomy to time things
o Complex writing system
o Rosemary Joyce:
In the ulalua valley of Honduras, late classic pottery features non-
grammatical Maya writing
This valley was located on the edge of the Maya civilization
Rosemary Joyce argues this was an attempt by non-Maya Ulalua Valley
Populations to appear Maya and thus powerful to their non-Maya
Sudo-mayan pottery
The writings make no sense
Strangers to the valley will be fooled and see them as powerful
Example of using exosomatic symbols to seem powerful
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