BIO 358 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Katana, Body Armor

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Topic 20: Body armor, shock weaponry and the rise of the archaic state
1) Body armor, shock weaponry and the rise of the archaic state
a) Getting close to home (today)
1) What next? elite coercive power enters the human story
a) Produces hierarchical societies with inequality distributions of stuff and power
b) Archaic state (~5500-500ya)
c) Arguing that body armor is the technical advancement
d) Hoplite
i) Type of armored warrior
ii) Body armor is impervious to the projectile weapon of that day
iii) A elite warrior
(1) Policed male dominated societies that characterized all archaic states
iv) Showed video on warrior shit
(1) Notice how irrelevant projectile weapons are, and how shock weapons (held by hand) are
deadly lol
e) If decisive coercive threat is concentrated in small elites hierarchical societies result
i) Threat over widespread area democracy
2) Does elite coercion really work? The archaic state is an adaptive revolution
a) Chaco Canyon
i) Pre-state agricultural towns and co-hostile
b) Early archaic state
i) Revolve around the main center
ii) Organizational unit
iii) More complex architecture (pyramid)
3) Archaic states as tests of the theorySpecific case 1: the Eurasia Broze Age
a) Correlation with introduction of bronze
b) Scale armor
i) Small bronze scales
c) Shell armor
d) Both effective against atlatl and the bow
e) Spectacular art
f) Bronze age warriors were a tiny elite
4) Archaic states as tests of the theorySpecific case 2: the Eurasia Iro Age
a) Iron metallurgy
b) Expensive af to make
c) Showed video on Samurai sword
i) How many swords an individual can make per year
ii) Elaborate af process
(1) Takes 3 men more than 3 months
(2) Make 3 per year :O
d) Art
e) Politician (pericles)
i) Wearing a helmet
(1) Elite male warrior
f) Human societies are the democracies of the heavily armed
g) Alexander (300BC)
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