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Lecture 13

BUS 363 Lecture 13: Chapter 9 - Lecture Notes

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Business Management
BUS 363
Camille Abbruscato

BUS 363 – Brand Management Chapter 9: Measuring Sources of Brand Equity – Capturing Customer Mindset Qualitative Research Techniques - Can’t really run statistics on the information that is gathered - Speaking to people in your target market - Free associations a. Not as many specifics b. Mental maps c. Not as structured  helpful if you want to test for what target market naturally thinks about Projective techniques - Used to uncover true opinions and feelings a. If people are unable or unwilling to express themselves (i.e. like with diseases) - Use more ambiguous stimulus to ask them to derive sense - Comparison tasks a. Ask consumers to convey impressions on one brand by comparing it to people/countries/animas/other brands - Brand personality and values a. BIG 5 personality scale
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