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Lecture 36

CHE 322 Lecture 36: Disaccharides

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CHE 322
Dale Drukheimmer

Lecture 3b 412l 12011 DH glycosid Disaccharides Sucrose not actw Ho NapH4. We need to have an OH 0H henwvaceta. non-red in Sugar (no hemia tal CH20H OH acet lottose react wi NaBH4 0H NOST i it is a reducing sugar: HO there is hemiaceral resent OH B-l 4) glycosidic hemiacetal Glucose disocchorides DOlySaccha rides galactose glucose, and fructose nose in vegetables Humans pigs and poultry lock co-galactosidase Co2 CHH nd H2 are a gases that are produced and phosphate anhydrides Ch. 2s H3C-C-0-CH2CH3 BA H3C- C-S-CH2CH3 0-alkyl thioester OH S-alky thioester phosphate monoester od ulfun in organic compounds SN ower negativity than OL R S-S-R R-S-H disulfide Sulfide thio Sulfoxide Sulfone. RO--S-OR Bond Length Sulta Swfonate. Ho-CH 3 HS- CH3 ester. Ste lorger bond lengtvv Acidity HO H S CH2CH3 o is bore electro negotive than S but, the differ in bond strengths the domin eetect Thiols con be nudeop acid Dithioacetat formation o BF Proton fel SH H3 SH Lecture 3b 412l 12011 DH glycosid Disaccharides Su
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