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PHY 126
Jason Clough

PHY 126Classical Physics BSummer Session I PHY 126 Course SyllabusCourse Overview Physics 126 is the second of a threesemester survey of classical physics Topics to be covered include the description of rigid bodies fluid properties simple harmonic oscillators wave mechanics temperature heat thermodynamics and geometric optics The topics are covered in Chapters 1220 and 3235 of the text Giancoli see belowThe pace of the course is rapid a great deal of material will be covered in the semester and not all topics will be treated in lecture so careful reading of the text is mandatory Dropping the course or changes of section within size limits can be done through the electronic registrar system There will be assigned homework problems quizzes in the recitation two midterm exams and a final examContact InformationInstructor Mr Jason Clough Email JasonECloughhotmailcomTextbooks thThe textbook used in this class will be Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4 Edition by Giancoli Pearson Prentic Hall 2008It will be available in the University bookstore at the publishers list priceCourse Grading Your final letter grade for the course is calculated from a weighted sum of your performance as follows Final Exam 35Midterms 50 25 each Homework 15Lecture Lectures are Monday Wednesday and Friday from 1145 AM to 245 PMThe attendance to the lecture will be optional but a attendance sheet will be filled out by those who come in for my own personal recordsThe lectures will cover most of the material from the textbook but may not cover ALL the materialYou should make sure to read the textbook before class so you get the most out of the lecture Course Syllabus1
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