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Lecture 15

PSY 349 Lecture 15: Nutrition and Weight Management

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PSY 349
Marci Lobel

Nutrition and Weight Management (Lauren Brand) Health Management • Healthy eating o Bulls’-Eye Food Guide o “Hunger Fullness Scaling” • Exercise o Aerobic exercise o Strength-training exercise Macronutrients • 3 Macronutrients: protein/carbohydrate/fat • Protein o Used to build and repair body tissues o Supplies energy if carbohydrates and fat are in short supply • Carbohydrates o Main energy source o “Spares” protein • Fat o Energy source o Transports fat soluble vitamins • Foods are usually mixtures of macronutrients o Vegetables: carbohydrates and protein o Breads and starches: carbohydrates, protein, possibly fat o Meat: protein and fat o Yogurt: milk and protein, carbohydrates, and fat • But not always o Fruit: carbohydrates o Oil: fat High Fructose Corn Syrup • Define moderation • HFCS is processed, inexpensive, and in many foods • What can we do? o Limit processed foods o Avoid foods that contain added sugar o Choose fresh fruit rather than fruit juice of fruit-flavored drinks; even 100% fruit juice has a high concentration of sugar o Choose fruit canned in its own juices instead of heavy syrup o Drink less soda or none at all o Don’t allow sweetened beverages to replace milk o Read food labels Fats and Sugar • They add up easily • American Heart Association suggests: o Women: 6 teaspoons or ~100 calories (25g) o Men: 9 teaspoons and 150 calories (38g) Weight Management Tips • Don’t drink your calories o 64 ounces of water per day • Increase fiber consumption • Plan meals o Eat breakfast o Pack lunch o Limit eating out • 5-9-A-Day o Make a fruit salad once per week o Keep clean lettuce in the fridge
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