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Lecture 21

PSY 349 Lecture 21: CPO Presentation

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PSY 349
Marci Lobel

Presentation by CPO ● Reasons why people change ○ Social norming: we behave how the people that surround us behave ○ Expectations for high school students when they enter college ○ Women more likely to experience depression ● 39% of college students are heavy drinkers ● Rise in regular marijuana use in college ○ Same for heroin use that is on a rise ● Women more likely to be prescribed Amphetamines for weight loss ○ More than men because women have poorer body images ● Women can get these from alcohol abuse ○ Cirrhosis ○ Breast cancer ○ Liver cancer ○ Impact on reproductive systems ○ Other cancers ● Girls are more likely to follow their parents beliefs of substance use more than boys do ● Peers are the strongest influencers ● Sharp rise in women that binge drink ● Girls that go to all girls colleges will drink more than girls in co-ed schools ● Rise in older women drinking ○ from wine parties ○ Social norm for drinking wine ● Red watch band ● People worry that their friend is going to get in trouble for being drunk so won’t call police or ambulance ● Good Samaritan policy: not getting in trouble for calling an ambulance for someone in need of help ○ Even if underage or using illegal drugs ● Only time can get alcohol out of you, not throwing up or eating foods because alcohol
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