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Lecture 9

SOC 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Experimental Psychology, Empiricism

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SOC 201
Rebekah Burroway

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SOC 361-2
Historical Development of Sociology
Cuarato’s Reading and Laying Foundation & Critique of Fundamentalism
Three- part theory
1. Contextualizing Theory means bringing attention to the Political, Social, Geography and
Historical dynamics that shape the production of theory.
2. Provincializing Theory:
3. Pluralizing Theory: (bringing in a variety of perspectives)
A Canon is a selection of text that is deemed essential to a case. A selection of text that’s
considered important. It’s defined by human beings, who often argue about what text is
The Law of Three Stages
Enlightenment Theme
Emerges of the Social Science
Process of Secularization and its roots, gaining in the renaissance and ends in the period
of enlightenment
Individuals getting autonomy from religious authority to be able to use observation,
empirical evidence to explain phenomenon and not have to rely on the church. All
purposes are intellectual
Pg 17. Collins) General explanations are provided (explain/describe/define European
European civilization was deemed superior.
Colonial Expansion: the enlighten is taking place in this era of European colonial
expansion also known as discoveries.
Empiricism using empirical reasoning’s to produce general explanation.
The Rise of Social Sciences
Postcolonial Thought: 1839 that the term sociology was first used by comte
He’s trying to distinguish the social. He wanted to create an elite group of experiment
whose ideas would help control/advise society’s leaders and help direct it. Sociology Is
the science of the social. The role of the sociologist was not to challenge, but to serve
power. The discipline was originally conceived to challenge power not serve
1854 one of the first books to use sociology
Women’s political activism because increasingly important over time
Order of Social Science that emerged
1. Economics
Psychology emerged as it’s on discipline
Experimental psychology
Hierarchy of human groups put in the same table as animals
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