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Lecture 22

SOC 248 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Paulo Freire, Thomas Robert Malthus, Infant MortalityPremium

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SOC 248
Caglar Cetin, Samee Shirazi, Tiffany Joseph

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SOC 248- Lecture notes- Lecture 22
Exam review day 2
Define literacy
Being able to read and write
Allows you to communicate, get a job, base of education
T/F? 700million + adults remain illiterate around the world?
Name 1 difference between the US and European education systems?
European system has specialization they don’t have the US version of undergrad
Higher education is paid for by the govt
Have higher taxes
What's the relationship between education and development
More highly developed countries have more education people
Higher educated like doctors help the economy which helps to boost the global position
in the world market
Lower levels of education in a country hinder economic development
Ties to migration “brain drain”
Ties to inequality. Socioeconomic status often influences what quality of education
you’re able to attend ie public v private schools. Influences what type of career field you may
Ties to gender. Girls often do not get to go to schools if there is also a boy in the family
Ties to population and health
Higher educated people tend to have less children and are waiting longer to have
“Population booms” population growing very quickly
Factors that tie into a population boom
Peace times
Role of birth control or lack-thereof
Health improvements
Migration can revitalize a population by contributing to the economy
Who is the theorist that opposed the banking concept of education?
Paulo Freire
Theory is that students are like sponges that just absorb information. Teachers deposit
into students information directly and students are expected to give it right back through exams
How is a curriculum determined in a country?
School boards
In some parts of the US some schools don’t teach evolution
Cuba and North Korea have very limited access to the rest of the world. Only rely on
what they’re taught in the classroom, which is heavily influenced by govt
Name 5 of the most populous countries in the world
US, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil
What's the current world population?
7.5 billion
Name the 2 theorists about population growth
Thomas Malthus
Population is growing exponentially and resources will become an issue. Lack of
resources will lead to an increase in conflict
Karl marx. Population is growing exponentially but the people are a nation’s greatest
strength. If everyone to has equal access to resources there won’t be conflict
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