SOC 340 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Childlessness, Obstetrics And Gynaecology, Petri Dish

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Women & men have different views of reproduction
Fixed life spans
Freeze eggs, borrow eggs
Push the boundaries of fixed biologic reproductive life spans
Politics play a role in reproduction
Politics, religiously, economically change the way of adoption
Reproductive life span 30-44 = times when you are fertile (period)
Age at which girls begin menstruation (secondary sex characteristics) has begun to go
Avg age go down (12.8 ~ used to be 15) - impacted by color, social class
Kids getting older younger:
hormone/food chemicals*
Lifestyle - obesity/BMI
Lack of family support
Sexualized messages (social media)
RX/over the counter
Climate change
Something that is going on that is cultural
Determined by the mother carrying them - what she’s eating, her physical health
Ability to control reproduction
Implications men bring to reproduction
Older men who father - kids have higher chance of schizophrenia & ADHD
STD high in nursing homes
What it means to make a family
Give birth later in life, donated egg/sperm, select genes, form families that
weren’t legal before
3rd party reproduction
Surrogate, petri dish ~ using a medium to help form a family
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find more resources at
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