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Lecture 7

SOC 340 Lecture 7: 3/22/17

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SOC 340

Helen Jolly [email protected] Office hours 14 pm thurs career center More on violence Head to USA Abortion Patriarchal dominance Honor Lost (recommended book) Saving Face (HBO documentary) Pakistan Doctor help women who been burned Women burned with acid husband or husbands family Wanted more dowry, unhappy, etc Changes in law at the end before it was not illegal to do that A girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness (HBO documentary) Saba (19) gunshot wound to face Brought by father uncle Shot threw into the river Qaiser possible marriage Father try to arange marriage Uncle against: bc he was poorer Uncle then shaid she should marry his brother in law Married Q alone Family swore on the Quran to not hurt her Islam teaches nothing about honor killing Brought dishonor and disrespected her parents Honor killings rising bc the killers are usually acquitted Community elders pressure her to forgive Compromise Elders switched lawyers wout consent Dad is now respected other daughters have been given proposals His other daughters know that not to do what their sister did fear Forgave for societys sake Showing control over family = gets respect brings honor Indian prime minister called aborting females unjust With more men girls wont get to positions of power bc they werent in positions of power before Lost daughters of china
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