WST 371 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sexual Orientation, Social Class

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Gender - how is being male/female make choices, work, experiences different?
Social characteristics/variables
Sexual orientation
Social class (composite variable) - work + $ + education level
Reproductive status
Religious belief
Criminal records
Place of residence
Job vs. profession
Profession - career, long term, Inc training (effort), Inc status, high level of skills
Job - occupation, short term
“Forced work” - not beneficial
Work you have not chosen to do
Ex: Prisoners, slaves, sex slaves, child soldiers, sex trafficking
Oppression, no choice, no benefit, extremely exploited
“Market work” - paid/salary/benefits (pensions, health care, days off)
Ex: teachers
Not always by choice, but some choice
“Unpaid/non-market work”
Domestic work, volunteering, taking care of yourself
Something you want to do & sometimes do it because you have to do it
Gender & work
Nickel & dime
Walmart - against union
Make workers forced part timers → no benefits
The workers don't have power - easy to be replaced → most vulnerable worker
w/out power
Workers for for company that keeps the economy going but not their own
What parents do for a living effects what their children do for a living
Women will have less power at work & make less
If you’re someone who has limited power from the start then what you can do is limited
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