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Emily Foley

English 9/10/13 • Hw due next class: o Comma splice o SWOT essay o Read Pg. 2-21 o Bring Textbook • The essay: • Strength(internal): • Weaknesses(internal) • Opportunities(external) • Threats (external) Brainstorming(weaknesses) • English as a second language • From another country • Despair writing • Lack of practice writing • Mental blocking** • Lack of attention** • Lack of time • Lack of sleep • The way you write(formal/informal) • Lack of vocab • Disabilities • Spelling** Strength • Reading** • Original thinking** • Determination ** Opportunities • Former teacher** • Extra help ** • Time • Access to library/books/writing materials • Family • Personal experience** • Media • Tutoring • Money Threats • Bad teachers • Phones, games, TV • Distractions** • Unsupportive family • Jobs** • Responsibilities • Lack of responsibilities • Loud environment • Transportation • Friends** • Partying • Insomnia • Lack of resources • No funds • No time • Significant other Intro • Good hook • Background about yourself as a writer • Thesis- personalize(use I and me), purpose Conclusion • Brief summary • what you discover about yourself • goals for semester • restate thesis in a new way 9/12 HW: • Connect Parallelism(Due 9/19) • Model Essays Pgs. 62-68 (due Tuesday) • “The Chase” pgs.74-78 and answer questions to passage (Due Tuseday) Notes: Presentation: • Think about the author’s background • Review the title • Retrieve your background knowledge • Predict Active Reading: • Underline important passages • Circle words the you don’t know • Write things that occur to you • Questions • Predict Post Reading: • Summarize • Rethink the author and the audience • What’s the main point and how is it support 9/17/13 HW: • Connect- Parallelism • Rough-draft Personal Narrative Personal Narrative: 1. Remember an event a. Identify the feelings attached to the event 2. Tell it like a story a. Dialogue b. protagonist c. antagonist d. rising action e. climax f. falling action 3. Think about a. Verb Tense i. Present tense in the moment b. Vivid Writing i. Use specific nouns, adjectives, adverbs (Adj., Adj., Noun) c. Dialogue Brain Storming: 1. Senior Soccer Season 2. Bullying 3. Going to God 4. Playing video games 5. Scoring my first goal in soccer 9/19/13 Hw: • Read Model Essay Pgs. 244-250 - Tuesday • Connect: Verb tense - Tuesday • Revise Narratives – Thursday 9/24/13 Final Draft – Thursday Connect- verb tenses Definition Essay • Answer the question “what is it?” o Defines a term by setting the perimeter of what it is and what it isn’t • Types- o Stipulation- clarifies the way you are using the word. You must specify the definition you are using o Extended- used for exploring a thing, quality, or idea to make it precise. It defines something that people may disagree on how it is defines • Ways to define – o Synonyms – words that are the same o Negation – say what it is not – often surprising to the reader o Etymology - history of words, study of words • Topics – o Words with complex meanings o Words that are unfamiliar to people o Words or concepts with multiple interpretation • Brainstorming – o How is it described o List examples o Can the topic be separated in qualities or characteristics o What is it function- what is it used for o Can it be compared to something o Any causes and effects • Thesis – must state an assertion (or claim) about the definition and have a purpose • Body – move from general to more specific . essay get more dramatic as it goes • Start personal but end general • Conclusion – revisit purpose; why is it important for your readers to know this definition 9/26/13 HW: • SWOT Revision - due Tuesday • The Meaning of a Word – Tuesday • Connect – Articles – next Thursday • Definition Essay Rough Draft – next Thursday Brainstorming for Definition Essay 1. Being a Christian – people think all Christians are goodie-two-shoes that always do the right thing, who hates Gay people and never sin but we’re not really all those things. Being a Christian is simply accepting God, having a relationship with him, and try to obey his words to the best of your ability. 2. Being a man – people think being a man is being tough or never back down from a fight but to me a man is actually different. He is always try to help his loves ones, fight only to protect the people they love,
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