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ART 250 Nancy Keefe Rhodes January 22, 2014 SYLLABUS REVIEW - The Western Reader, required text +Jim Kitses & Gregg Rickman - Classes go long - See Blackboard for additional readings - Office hours by appointment - cinematheques in class • Robert Warshow - Essay from The Immediate Experience - died at 37 FILM The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - 1962, John Ford +Ford was interested in “setting the frontier” - Not much landscape, except at start and end •What are the conventions of the Western? - Western = a Man of Repose - Chris vs Tom (J. Wayne) • Gangster vs Westerner -city -frontier -expansive -code of honor -material source -a killer - when a Westerner loses his repose he must a) die or b.) leave •John Wayne - Collaborate often with Ford - after convincing Ranse, Tom is positioned outside +which side of the door? ✴clunky visual metaphors --> visual vocab - literal conventions visualized • Time Passed - Characters enumerate, “Terms as gov” “Things have changed - Technology & fashions change - The typical Western takes place in 1870 ART 250 Nancy Keefe Rhodes • Politics - Territory vs State +Big ranchers vs little guy +hired guns vs law & order - Western are oft
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