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Lecture 13

CHE 113 Lecture 13: chapter 13 toxicology

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CHE 113
James Spencer

Chapter 13  Drugs and toxins o Drugs  Natural or synthetic compounds used for physiological (and possibly psychological) effects  Medicinal uses  To correct or help some problem  Drug abuse  Chemicals taken for unintended uses or uncontrolled use  75% of forensic investigations involve drug use  Not victimless crimes  What is forensic toxicology? o Toxicology  Study of drugs and poisons and their adverse affects on the human system  Subfields include  Pharmacokinetics  How the drugs works on people  Pharmacodynamics  How people work on the drugs  Drugs and toxins o Start with medicinal chemistry  Toxins  Poisons  Drug discovery and development o Drug definitions and types o Drug laws o Drug dependence o Drug testing and identification o Dose  Amount of substance that enters the body o LD50  Dose necessary to kill 1/2 of the population o Acute toxicity  Effects are immediate o Chronic toxicity  Effects occur over an extended time o Dioxin  Polychlorinated organic compounds  From burning chlorinated compounds  Agent orange  Paper industry  Toxicity varies with species  Poisons and drugs o Corrosive poisons  Substances that actually destroy tissue outright o Metabolic poisons  Affect bio
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