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Microscopy POGIL

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CHE 113

Science vs Pseudo ScienceWhat is the difference between real science and pseudo scienceWhyThe analysis of pieces of evidence is an imperative part of bringing evidence into the courtroomThe science behind the evidence is equally if not more important than the evidenceIf the science behind the analysis has not been accepted by the scientic community the evidence may not be accepted into courtNew scientic procedures must be proven before acceptance in the courtroomLearning OutcomeStudents will be able to identify the components necessary for real science Students will be able to perform basic statistical analysesStudents will be able to distinguish between the types of microscopes utilized during the analyses of prominent physical and biological evidence gathered at the crime scene will emphasizing the science of microscopy as a true scienceNew ConceptsCertain tests recognizable to the public or not accepted in the courtroom due to the lack of scientic evidence needed to back up the analysisThe use of microscopy has come under re during the consideration of certain types of physical evidenceExamination of the science behind microscopy will allow the students to decide for if the science can be considered viablePrerequisitesScientic MethodModel 1Psuedoscience ActivityQuestions1 If Sun sign astrology can predicts a persons day accurately and everyone remembers the day in question clearly the astrologers hypothesis students should in general be able to nd their own paragraph But if chance instead of the stars governs the composition of those descriptions the skeptics hypothesis we would expect that only one out of 12 of the students would have selected the description for their own signs Which have we substantiated the astrologer or the skepticExplain your answerThe skeptic By the percentage taken from above a minuscule section of individuals from our class chose their horoscopes correctly If the astrologists hypothesis rang true we would have seen a greater percentage of students who chose their horoscopes paragraph correctly 83 is roughly 112 of 100 Comparing this with our class data of 86100 this concludes that we should substantiate the skeptic who expects only 112 students would select their astrological signs paragraphs
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